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Woman gives stepdaughter a stuffed animal – Stepdaughter weeps when she realizes there’s more

You don’t have to be a biological parent to be a child’s mom or dad. Just ask a young girl named Hayley. She is the stepdaughter of a woman named Brigitte Fries. To Hayley, Brigitte is certainly her mom. But Brigitte wanted to make it official.

The stepmom planned a surprise adoption party for her stepdaughter. She had no idea that she’d be surprised with adoption papers.

Brigitte and Hayley’s dad had been fighting the court system for five long years. She had filed for adoption one whole year before it was approved. The judge finally signed the papers.

In fact — the judge put in capital letters that it was in the best interest of Hayley to be adopted by Brigitte. Hayley endearing calls her Super Mom. In the video you’re about to see — she’s going to live up to that name.

Hayley is asked to come sit on a chair at the center of attention. Like a typical preteen, she has a bit of an attitude but soon goes along with the plan.

Brigitte kneels in front of Hayley in the chair and hands her a gift bag. At first, Hayley pulls out a cute stuffed animal. Next, she reveals two necklaces. One is inscribed with the words “my daughter holds my heart.”

Hayley isn’t thinking much of it at this point because she’s considered Brigitte her mom for so long. Nothing was odd. Hayley is thinking her mom is being sweet.

Then — Brigitte hands her stepdaughter her birth certificate; with the judge’s adoption recommendation on the back.

Hayley begins to read the judge’s words on the birth certificate. It begins by outlining her decision to give Brigitte full parental rights. It was her recommendation that she is adopted by her because it was in Hayley’s best interest.

As Hayley continues to read, she starts putting it all together. She gets to the part where it explains that Brigitte will officially be her “real” parent. She loses it. Hayley immediately goes in to hug her mom.

Brigitte and Hayley embrace while crying happy tears. It had been a long five years leading up to this moment.

This is the second time that Brigitte has adopted a child. She is now the adoptive mother of two beautiful girls.

This is such a beautiful moment, and it’s hard not to tear up while watching it.

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