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Teen Yells ‘Hello’ Into Abanonded House In Woods, Doesn’t Realize He’ll Get A Desperate Response

Teenagers like to explore creepy places, and few things are as creepy as an abandoned building.

When Izaak Eglington-Watts and his friend Emily found an abandoned building in the woods while hiking, they were instantly excited. They were cautious but decided to check out the building. They found that it carried their voices well, so they decided to yell into it to see if they could get an echo.

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They had no idea they were about to become heroes.

Izaak walked over to an opening in the building and yelled, “Hello!” inside. He didn’t only hear his echo, he heard someone call back. A hoarse voice replied and immediately gave Izaak chills. He rushed over to his friend Emily, who doubted that he heard anything at all.

The teenager explained:

“I thought I would poke my head inside, and then I started shouting ‘hello’ to hear it echo. I then climbed down into it and asked Emily if she wanted to come in as well, but she said ‘no.’ Then I climbed up into another section which lead into another hole and shouted hello again, which is when I got a reply back. It obviously scared me as it was pitch black down there, and all I had was my phone flash, but I couldn’t really see anything.”

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Source: YouTube Screenshot

He took his phone back to the opening and yelled again.

This time, he recorded the response he received. Emily and Izaak had found a man who had been missing for over a month. His name was James Thompson.

He had requested water, and the teens weren’t sure how to save him. They walked up to the trailhead and met with two rangers, who helped rescue Thompson. Thompson had been living in the woods for several weeks when he hurt his ankle and fell into the hole. Had the two teenagers not come along when they did, he likely would not have lived much longer.

He had survived in the hole for nearly two weeks.

In fact, a spokesperson for the police said,

“He was so emaciated and dehydrated that if he had been there for another couple of days he might not have survived. He is very, very lucky he ended up being found when he was.”

YouTube Screenshot

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The teenagers were thrilled to be able to help the man, and they knew that his family would be happy to have him back.

Izaak said:

“His family must be over the moon. He is safe and well now.”

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