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People Think Dog’s Face Is Photoshopped, Don’t Believe He Really Has A ‘Human’ Face

You can’t believe everything you see on the internet, right? At least, that is what my parents always say.

With the whole world at your fingertips, it is very easy to get properly informed on a subject – if you’re looking at credible resources. However, as easy as it is to research something, it is just as easy for people to create false information and spread it fast.

So, when this photo of a dog began circulating online, everyone assumed it was Photoshopped. Why?

Because the dog appears to have a human face!


Source: Facebook

Meet Yogi! He has taken the internet by storm.

Yogi has earned his newfound fame unintentionally. When his mom posted a picture of him on Facebook, a friend of a friend then shared his photo on Reddit and it has since blown up.

Many people instantly thought that it was some crafty Photoshop work, or a person using an app (like Snapchat) to face swap with the dog. But nope, that is just Yogi’s face!


Source: Facebook

Yogi is a 1-year-old Shih-poo (a cross between a Shih-Tzu and a Poodle). When Yogi stands next to his 8-year-old Shih-Tzu sister, Darla, it is increasingly obvious that Yogi has a very unique face.

His owner, Chantal Desjardins, never noticed how much her dog looked like a person until she posted a photo of him on Facebook.

She said that her friends all started to freak out and comment on the photo of Yogi. Chantal swears that none of Yogi’s photos are photoshopped.

One commenter wrote:

“The one of the left looks like a man and I can’t stop starring.”


Source: Facebook

After Chantal posted her photo, she told BuzzFeed that she sort of photo how people reacted to Yogi. Then, she learned that a “friend’s girlfriend’s brother” had uploaded it to Reddit and Yogi was an instant internet star.

On Reddit, people had no problem voicing their opinions on who or what Yogi looks like. The Reddit post has been upvoted nearly 20,000 times and has over 600 comments.

Most people can agree that Yogi looks like a human. In fact, many are suggesting he looks like a famous celebrity, Nicolas Cage.

A Reddit user swears that Yogi looks like Nic Cage and saved the photo, just in case.

“It’s totally cage… I’m saving this picture for future inspection. This may mean something”


Source: Reddit

One Reddit user speculated why Yogi’s face resembles a human so much:

“Probably has a lot to do with close-cut hair around the eyes, especially the brow and snout. Eyebrows are actually one of the most identifiable parts of the human face.”

While another suggested that it wasn’t Yogi’s fur, but instead it is his smile:

“But it’s not just his eyes. Look at that little grimace smile that can only come from a middle-aged man who’s soul has been given to corporate.”


Source: Reddit

A different Reddit user commented, saying that they really had just thought the picture of Yogi was an odd face swap.

But then he went back to edit his comment and said:

“Edit – ok the more i stare at the dog the more I’m seeing my own face….this is creeping me out… like looking into my soul weird”


Source: Facebook

Do you think Yogi looks like a human? Or are you more like his mom, who never noticed Yogi’s humanlike characteristics.

The longer you look at these pictures of Yogi, the more you’ll be soldify your opinion. I think he looks like a person because of his humanlike eyes!

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Source: Reddit/Facebook


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