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Mom loses 40 pounds for 30-year high school reunion, gets stunning makeover that has son crying

Michelle Moyers is 48-years-old — she spent most of her adult life taking care of everyone but herself. However, her 30th high school reunion was coming up, and she decided she wanted to finally start focusing on her happiness and health.

After losing 40 pounds, Moyers’ friends encouraged her to the TODAY Show plaza in hopes to receive an ‘Ambush Makeover.’

Moyers went down to the plaza along with her son named Daniel — she was holding a sign that read “I lost 40 lbs and still going! 30th class reunion next month Chesapeake, Virginia.”

As a reporter from the show walks around notifying the winners of the makeover, they make their way over to Moyers and her son. That’s when the surprise was announced.

Moyers’ jaw dropped when she realized that she was, in fact, chosen to get a makeover on the show. She was ecstatic to have an outer transformation that matched the change she had on the inside.

Before the makeover, Moyers’ had long brown hair with no special style or cut to it — it definitely needed a little lift and update. The makeover team was certainly going to help with that. They gave Moyers a modern haircut and beautiful highlights.

“We can cut your hair?” they ask her. “Oh, absolutely!” Moyers responded.

In addition to the gorgeous haircut, Moyers got rid of her sweatpants, tee shirt, and tennis shoes and traded them for a figure-flattering pair of jeans, a simple but classy black blouse, and sassy but practical high heels. She was a brand new woman!

Her new look was a complete 180 from what it was previously — and no one was more shocked by the makeover than her son Daniel.

Daniel stands beside the TODAY Show hosts as he is blindfolded waiting for his mother’s big reveal. He is anxious to see what his mom looks like now. She was so deserving of an updated look after losing so much weight.

Moyers had gone from a size 22 to a size 14, and her son had never seen her in an updated and fitted outfit before. He was in for a huge surprise. When he removes his blindfold — he’s completely shocked.

When Daniel removes his blindfold and gets a glimpse of his beautiful mother — he can’t help but burst into tears of joy. Soon — everyone in the room needs a tissue. It’s such a beautiful and well-deserved moment.

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