Meet Yaoyao Ma Van As, a talented artist who is a painter, illustrator and occasional animator.


Yaoyao Ma Van As has created a series of illustrations that paints her everyday moments of living alone with her pup in Los Angeles. She is a vegan and an animal lover.

Enjoy her creative series that captures the art of living alone. You can enjoy more of Yaoyao Ma Van As’ work on her website.

#1 Being perfectly content with doing absolutely nothing.

#2 You can be as messy and creative as you please.

#3 Cleaning can be done on your own time and schedule. Some people would argue that it can actually be quite therapeutic.

#4 Being able to relax and pamper yourself is always an enjoyable moment.

#5 You will learn to be happy and fulfilled with just hanging out by yourself.

#6 You’ll allow yourself to grieve and be sad because sometimes, these are the moments we need in order to heal.

#7 Clumsy spills are okay.

#8 You can literally dance like no one is watching.

#9 You can sit anywhere you please, with your pajamas on and a nice cup of tea.

#10 Without feeling judged, you can enjoy a midnight snack of cake, pizza or whatever choice of food group you’d like to eat from.

#11 You can work however you please.

#12 You can binge eat whenever you want.

#13 No need to rush. Take as long as you want in the bathroom.

#14 You’ll learn how to deal with your emotions on your own.

#15 You can have a dish-washing party all by yourself.

#16 Be free! You can walk, dance, eat and nap completely naked.

#17 There’s no pressure to eat politely.

#18 Lay in bed ALL DAY.

#19 Enjoy the little things.


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