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Man’s fiance dies. When he tells mom about new girlfriend, she gives him a photo he has to see

When Justin Pounders’ fiancé died, he wasn’t sure that he would ever find love again. Little did he know, that his ultimate love story had been in the works for decades.

In July of 2012, Pounders was excited to help his beautiful fiancé, Adrianne Roberts, move into his apartment in St. Petersberg, Florida. The couple spent the day preparing for their new life together, but that night, tragedy struck.

Roberts had gone out for a night on the town with her roommate one last time to celebrate the new chapter of her life. As she left the bars that night, a stranger followed her home and stabbed her to death, ending the beautiful 29-year-old’s life, and devastating the loved ones she left behind.

Two years after that tragic night, Pounders and Roberts’ family got the justice they deserved when her killer, Thomas Hampton Frederick, was found guilty of first-degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Even with the closure of Roberts’ murderer being sentenced, Pounders was still devastated by the loss and struggled to move on. His mother feared that he would never move on from his late fiancé and prayed that her son would one day find a love like the one he had had with Roberts.

Her prayers were answered later that year when she learned that her son had a new girlfriend.

Pounders had joined an online dating site and began to hit it off with one of the women he had been talking to. Before too long, the relationship became serious enough that he was ready to put his mother’s worried heart at ease and let her know that he had a new girlfriend.

That’s when the most unexpected thing happened.

When Pounders showed his mother a photo of his new girlfriend, she thought to herself that the woman in the photo looked very familiar. When her son told her the name of his new love, everything clicked for her.

It turns out that Pounders’ new girlfriend, Amy Giberson, was someone that he knew (and was very fond of!) when he was just a little boy!

The couple couldn’t believe their eyes when Pounders’ mother later took out a photo of the two tots together nearly 30 years ago.

After making this discovery, Pounders and Giberson were convinced that their reunion and subsequent love story was all brought on by their guardian angel, Adrianne.

“Everybody knew she wouldn’t want me to be sad and by myself forever,” Pounders told ABC.

And thanks to a twist of fate 30 years in the making, he has once again found love.

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