Man sees kid in hail storm, films act proving ‘good kids are around’ even if not seen by media

People love ragging on millennials. Whether they’re being accused of single-handedly destroying traditional marriage, brunch, or diamonds; it’s important to remember that there are still some good apples in the bunch.

One of them is 14-year-old Elvis Ingersoll from Vallejo, California, a teen who went viral after he was caught on video performing a touching act of kindness.

Elvis is a triplet who often alternates working Sunday shifts with his other 2 brothers, at his parent’s restaurant, Gracie’s.

One day, Elvis was working with his father Ken when he noticed one of the restaurant’s regular customers walking outside.

The man was a senior who used a walker and was unlucky enough to be caught in a surprise hailstorm.

Upon seeing the older man crossing the street, Elvis knew he had to help.

And so, the kind-hearted teenager grabbed a red and black umbrella, running outside in order to literallyact as the man’s shelter from the storm.

Elvis’s kind act surprised onlookers, and the event was even captured on film by another of the restaurant’s regulars, Rick Buenaventura.

During the 20-second clip captured by Buenaventura, you can hear him say, “There’s still good kids out there. They just don’t put them on the internet anymore.”

After capturing the amazing compassion, Benuaventura shared the footage onto Frank Somerville’s Facebook page.

He writes, “Hail storm today in Vallejo. As I was eating breakfast at Gracie’s in Vallejo Ken Ingersoll son Elvis Ingersoll saw a customer coming in and ran out with and umbrella. Good kids are still around they just don’t seem to be seen by the internet. ❤”

At the end of his post, Buenaventura adds a few hashtags, including #love and #thingsthatshouldgoviral.

It seems that the internet agreed with this assessment, with Buenaventura’s post garnering of 48,000 reactions and being shared over 1,000 times.

People are impressed by Elvis’s kindness towards the old man, often noting that this kind of behavior is indicative of good parenting.

In an interview with CBN, Elvis’s father Ken says, “Too often the attention goes towards such negative events, which I think encourages people to do negative things. If Elvis going out there with an umbrella to hold over the man during a hailstorm encourages people to do similar acts of kindness, then we are all a winner.”

Way to go, Elvis!

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