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Lawmakers In South Carolina Are Trying To Ban Saggy Pants And Some People Actually Love The Idea

Some people like to joke about the vague and unseen “fashion police” critiquing unflattering and unfortunate outfits, but what if the fashion police was a real thing?
Lawmakers in South Carolina are currently trying to pass a bill that will ban citizens from wearing saggy pants throughout the state.
The bill, which hopes to go through the House of Representatives first, would make it illegal for anyone to expose their skin or underwear by wearing their pants below the tops of their hips.
Apparently, a specified length below the hips has been determined as “three inches below the crest of the ileum.”
The repercussions of wearing saggy pants be fines. People will be required to pay $25 for the first offense, $50 or three hours of community service for the second offense, and $75 or six hours of community service for the third offense.
The violations wouldn’t be considered criminal or delinquent, and aren’t meant to target minorities, according to Representative Joe Jefferson of Berkeley County, who is sponsoring the bill.
Rep. Jefferson says that saggy pants are “unbecoming” and “unprofessional,” as told to WLTX 19 News.
In the video below, the WLTX newscaster reads reactions to this law written on the station’s Facebook page.
One reader named Ashleigh writes, “I think it would be great to do” while another named Debbie remarked, “I don’t want to see anyone’s underwear, but there are more important issues to deal with.”
A man named Tony offered his opinion, writing on the post, “I want lawmakers to start working on laws that matter […] not laws about driving too slow in the left lane or how low someone’s pants are.”
What do you think of this law? Is it fair to pass such a ban at a state level?
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Photos: Flickr / 1, 2; TEGNA
Footage provided by WLTX Columbia
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