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The Internet is in tears after daughter reveals why dad has worn same old shirt for 20 years

Parents can have some pretty wonky habits that their children just come to accept. For example, my mother’s is her complete and total inability to ever be wrong— it drives me crazy, but at this point, I’ve just accepted it.

Twitter user 92_riaru’s father had a few bizarre habits of his own; quirky routines that she never really questioned because they had always been a part of who he was.

One of these habits was his weird penchant for wearing on old, green polo shirt— and when we say old, we’re talking over 20 years.

It can be seen here:

She never understood her father’s attachment to this green shirt— but one night at her grandfather’s, she was lucky to learn the meaning it held in his life.

While the Twitter user was at her grandfather’s house, she was going through old photo albums; flipping pages, and examining faces, maybe even reliving a few childhood memories herself.

While she did this, she came across a picture of her father and mother on their honeymoon and noticed something familiar in the frame…

The same green polo!

In the honeymoon photo, you can also see her mother wearing a similar style polo shirt in opposing colors.

She tells BuzzFeed News, “I never imagined that the polo shirt would contain such a special memory for him.”

As it turns out, the girl’s mother had died 18 years ago after being diagnosed with cancer. Her father has kept the shirt as a reminder of both their honeymoon and marriage.

The Twitter user tells BuzzFeed News, “When that polo shirt gets a hole in it, he carefully sews it back together. He wears it for any special occasion, be it a work study event or trip out with the family.”

When the girl finally discovered why her dad kept wearing the shirt, she took to Twitter to tell the story.

“I know why my father has been wearing clothes that have been worn for a long time,” it reads.

“He wore it with my mother on their honeymoon…”

Since being posted, people have become enamored with the love her father has (and continues) to show for his wife.

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