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20+ Incredibly Confusing Packaging Designs That Will Seriously Infuriate You

Have you ever purchased a product based on the cool or interesting packaging, only to find out that it was a total disappointment or sham? If not, you should be grateful. Sadly, for these people, they will never trust a product’s marketing tactics again.

From blatant lies to deceiving pictures and terminology – these 25 packagings designs are so confusing, we don’t whether to scream, laugh, or cry.

Were these a totally manipulative marketing tactic or just a general oversight on the company’s part? We’ll never know. What we do know, is that someone messed up.

1. This big fat lie.


Source: ethandrzb

Nothing is more frustrating than when you open your giant cup of gummy bears, but it turns out it’s just a deceiving lid, and now you want to cry.

2. Was someone trying to be cruel or just plain lazy?

ItsAlexBevan via Twitter

Source: ItsAlexBevan via Twitter

There really is no good explanation for this one. Now, they’ll have to spread the pepperoni slices evenly, leaving only a couple pieces per slice of pizza. So annoying.

3. “Gluten-Free”

TestZero via Reddit

Source: TestZero via Reddit

So, you’re not gluten-free at all, you big jerks. Hard to believe they’re still in business.

4. These ‘jumbo’ shrimp

TheSoulOfTheRose via Reddit

Source: TheSoulOfTheRose via Reddit

Oh, you were expecting there to be a whole shrimp under there? Yeah, no, sorry about that.

5. You’ve got to be kidding me with this.

Bjables via Twitter

Source: Bjables via Twitter

You honestly need two of them to equal what the package says it should be. What a waste.

6. Oh, you mean like this stubborn package?

egdip via Reddit

Source: egdip via Reddit

This tool would be super handy for a situation like…right now. Have fun getting this thing open.

7. There’s no logic in this packaging design.

bennythomson via Reddit

Source: bennythomson via Reddit

“I needed red. Guess which one I grabbed at first?”

8. The downplayed ingredient.

AsterJ via Reddit

Source: AsterJ via Reddit

Hope you like sunflower oil, because that’s pretty much what you got.

9. A little too similar for comfort.

charleselliot33 via Reddit

Source: charleselliot33 via Reddit

If you’re going to buy different pills for different purposes in this brand, be sure to keep them stored very, very separately.

10. Bigger isn’t better.

cmbrookins via Twitter

Source: cmbrookins via Twitter

This is the actual contents next to the size of the bottle. Proof that companies like to trick you with your eyes, making you think you’re getting more than you really are.

11. Mmm…looks delicious.

freakame via Reddit

Source: freakame via Reddit

This can of radiator coolant looks an awfully lot like a tallboy can of beer. Make sure you have your glasses on before cracking open this ‘cold one.’

12. This giant waste of plastic.

Julian_Williams via Reddit

Source: Julian_Williams via Reddit

“This Antivirus software my dad bought is literally an empty case with a code on the back.”

13. Shame on you, Hillshire Farms.

no1uno via Imgur

Source: no1uno via Imgur

Now, the sausage to cheese ratio is going to be way off.

14. This frustrating cost-cutting technique.

arbruzer via Reddit

Source: arbruzer via Reddit

Marketed as a “cranberry chocolate” bar. Hope you weren’t expecting something else.

15. Math is hard.

shockrush via Reddit

Source: shockrush via Reddit

Whoever is on this marketing team needs to figure out how percentages work.

16. Deception at its finest.

minisixx via Reddit

Source: minisixx via Reddit

They didn’t even have the courtesy to cut the falafel wrap down the center.

17. They did this just to mess with people, right?

Quaxon24 via Reddit

Source: Quaxon24 via Reddit

A screwdriver is needed to remove this screwdriver from its packaging.

18. Now, you just made me waste even more money.

andy22xx via Reddit

Source: andy22xx via Reddit

“Bought AA batteries for these LED lights I bought, because the front of the packaging said it takes 2 AA batteries.”

19. They apparently added an extra letter.

theagmdawg via Reddit

Source: theagmdawg via Reddit

So, by ‘cookies,’ they meant ‘cookie.’

20. What’s with all the math?

Ink7332 via Reddit

Source: Ink7332 via Reddit

It doesn’t seem like buying disposable razors should be this complicated.

21. “No tube present.”

nettieavis via Reddit

Source: nettieavis via Reddit

“*shakes package* hmm feels like there’s at least a few, seems worth the price…(No, it doesn’t say on the box how many)”

22. Is there any honesty in the world anymore?


Source: hldmeclosatonydanza

Not only is this such a sham, but it’s a giant waste of packaging.

23. Not cool, not cool at all.

nodnodwinkwink via Reddit

Source: nodnodwinkwink via Reddit

The packaging is 19 centimeters long, while the pieces of candy are only 10 centimeters long.

24. I’m sorry, what?

letsgetmitfaced via Reddit

Source: letsgetmitfaced via Reddit

This rope looks perfect for climbing! Oh, wait…

25. Once again, math seems to have no meaning when it comes to packaging design.

hockeychick96 via Imgur

Source: hockeychick96 via Imgur

“This is why I have trust issues.”

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