Girl Makes National News After Dad Posts ‘Embarrassing’ Footage Of Her Slipping On Icy Driveway

Spring may be on its way, but the winter weather is still affecting many parts of the United States, and icy conditions are keeping people indoors.
But when Alexis Johnson’s mom asked her to do some chores, she couldn’t escape the task ahead — even on her birthday.
She and her sister, Nicolette, went outside to bring in the trash cans while their mother was inside, putting away the groceries. But there was a problem: while Nicolette had no issue walking up the driveway, Alexis kept on slipping and sliding!
In the clip below, you can see the 11-year-old’s attempts to make it to the top of the driveway. Nicolette thought it was funny, but then took pity on her sister and helped her.
Later, their dad checked the security footage from the driveway and saw the hilarious unfolding of events.
“He was just laughing, and he was like, ‘Cathy, come here, come here!’ And she just started laughing too,” Alexis told KFOR Oklahoma City.
The footage ended up online, and the sisters are now getting national attention! The clip has even been featured on the Today Show!
“It’s really embarrassing!” said Nicolette.
“Yeah! It’s just really embarrassing! But it’s also funny at the same time,” Alexis added.
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Footage and photos provided by KFOR Oklahoma City

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