Dad asks 4-year-old when he’s going to get married. His answer has the Internet in stitches

Most kids go through that phase where girls think boys are gross and boys think girls are gross. That’s definitely where this little 4-year-old boy from Massachusetts is at.

Though this little boy says he wants to be a dad one day, he wants absolutely NOTHING to do with girls, according to a video his dad posted of him on YouTube of the boy chatting with his pop while eating some pizza.

“Are going to be protector when you grow up?” his dad asks.

His son tells him “maybe” but “only for boys, not girls.” His dad then asks if he plans on being a protector when he gets married.

Shocked at such a notion, the boy quickly replies, “I’m not going to be married at all! I don’t want to be married. Are you kidding?”

Absolutely hilarious and adorable!

“I thought you wanted to be a dad?” his dad questions.

The 4-year-old pointedly explains exactly why marrying a girl is the worst idea ever.

“I would be scared,” he says.

His father then asks what it is that he is afraid of.

“Well, because I don’t want to kiss anyone,” the little boy explains in between bites of pizza.

He then proceeds to explain to his father why this is.

Well, if they kiss me they sometimes do it with spit,” he says.

“You don’t like spit?” his dad asks.

“No,” the little boy exclaims.

“Who does it with spit?” his dad asks.

“Well, some kids do it with spit, and I don’t like it,” he said.

His dad pretends to be confused by this, “I thought you wanted to be a daddy,” he asks.

Yeah, well I’m not marrying anyone,” the little boy says. “I’m not going to have a mom. I only have a mom.”

Well what about a wife?” his dad inquires.

“I don’t need a wife,” he said.

“But don’t you want to be a dad and have kids?”

“I do want to have kids,” the boy says firmly.

Clearly, this little boy doesn’t know how the whole baby making thing works yet.

This isn’t the first time this little boy had a problem with the whole girl thing. He threw a fit when he found out that his parents were having a little girl. He really wanted a third brother instead.

But something tells us that he will be changing his tune about girls in about 10 years. You can watch his precious rant below.

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