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Couple moves into new home, reserves the space under the staircase for their dog

Everybody, no matter who they are, needs some amount of personal space. Whether it be a cozy basement, a private getaway, or bedroom full of your favorite things, it’s always nice to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

When new homeowners David Maceo and his wife moved into their new 3-bedroom townhouse, they decided to give their 6-year-old French bulldog Hennessy the space that he had been searching for.

The couple had previously lived with David’s mom in a one-bedroom apartment.

David tells The Dodo, “I felt kind of bad that we didn’t have a lot of space. So, when we moved, I decided to give Hennessy his own room.”

First, David had to find a location for Hennessy’s new room, and the staircase quickly caught his eye.

Believing he could use the cavity under the stairwell, he immediately got to work.

He tells The Dodo, “I had a little camera, and I stuck it in there to see if there was enough space for him. I ended up breaking a little hole in the wall, and it went from there.”

David spent the next 3 Sundays transforming the little hole into a room fit for a king.The Huffington Post reports that the entire project took about 16 hours.

First, David cleared out the area, telling The Huffington Post:

“I made sure to remove the 2x4s and reinforce the beams with 4×4 to hold the extra weight. Then I made my wife jump on top of the stairs to make sure everything was good.”

Only the safest for Hennessy, of course!

After the structural elements were complete, David took to decorating the area, matching the walls and baseboards with the rest of the house, ultimately giving the illusion that Hennessy’s space had always been there.

David’s love for the pup is palpable. He even goes so far as to hang up family pictures that he thought the dog would enjoy, including photos of his deceased brother, Patron.

Although David was not sure whether Hennessy would appreciate all of his efforts, after adding a bed to the area, David was ready for the big reveal.

And Hennessy was in love.

David tells the Huffington Post, “Hennessy loves his new room. He sleeps in there at all times. If I’m watching TV, he’s in there along with all his toys.”

After David had finished Hennessy’s room, his brother took to Twitter to share the adorable project in a tweet that has since gone viral.

People are enamored by David’s devotion for Hennessy— and the subsequently adorable results. But for David, giving Hennessy a spot of his own was the least he could do.

He tells The Dodo, “He’s the best dog. He’s like a son to me.”

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