Couple Find Strange Rock On Beach, Finds Out Later It’s Worth Thousands

The rock that you are currently looking at was found on the beaches of the United Kingdom (at Middleton Sands to be specific.) Angela and Gary Williams were entranced by the strange rock and when they picked it up, they were stunned to discover that it smelled an awful lot like vomit and manure.

Luckily, they still elected to pick it up anyway and this decision may have been one of the most lucrative ones that they are ever going to make in their lives. While they had no idea that the disgusting olfactory nightmare of a rock was worth some serious coin, suffice it to say that they are fully aware now!

As it turns out, the rock that they found actually was vomit. This rock is also known as ambergris, which is the vomit of a whale and highly valuable to those who are responsible for the production of perfumes. It is made of sperm whales’ intestinal contents and takes several years to form in most instances.

The “rock” is highly sought after because of the amount of time that it takes for it to be produced. Only 1 percent of sperm whales even have the ability to produce it, which only serves to add to its level of rarity.

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