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19 of the most ironic coincidences captured at the perfect moment

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a coincidence is defined as “an occasion when two or more similar things happen at the same time,especially in a way that is unlikely or surprising.” Because of the inherently surprising nature of a coincidence, it’s rare to capture one on camera— but when you do, the results are both surprising and hilarious. Here are few of our favorites!

Safety Begins With You

But I guess this guy didn’t get the giant, yellow, bus-sized notice.


Maybe this is a common occurrence?

Nothing Is Written In Stone

Except this, of course.

Nananananananana, BATMAN

The look on her face when she realized what she had done must have been priceless!

Certificate of Obedience

Oh, the irony… I think I may be detecting the subtlest hint of shame in those eyes.

The Great Cover Up

Looks like the secret’s out now…

We Fit

Fresh To Your Door

Well… They weren’t wrong.

Hell & Rehab

Conveniently placed for your accessibility needs!

Hide and Seek

Gotta say, this cat’s better at the game than my 2-year-old. I’m impressed.

Dating Grandpa

The story behind this one is adorable. They didn’t realize the similarity until the girlfriend’s grandmother with Alzheimer’s kept saying how handsome her boyfriend was….

Mario & Luigi

I need to know if this was planned out.

A Lesson in Birds

I can almost hear the birdie wondering, “Mom, is that you?”

Open Up Wide

Whoever this guy is, it’s pretty clear this dog is not a fan.

Modern-Day Chicken Or The Egg

Which came first: the outfit or the socks?

No Chew

The irony is outstanding.

There Are No Shortcuts

Looks like someone should have taken their own advice!

Double Doppleganger

Grab your guns; the clones have arrived!

Thousands of Men Will Die From Stubbornness

And we’ll just let this one speak for itself…

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